Recovers the wasted 97% maple water by-products of the maple industry, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water

Katonah, NY

Asarasi produces the world’s only pure, plant-sourced sparkling water recovered from a one-billion-gallon byproduct of the maple industry; sugar-free maple sap. Asarasi purchases this wasted maple crop which yields deliciously crisp, refreshing, and elementally pure water. This “Tree Water” is then bottled, carbonated, flavored, and sold as an environmentally responsible, organic, plant-sourced alternative to bottled waters. Asarasi converts these voluminous plant-sourced waters to finished goods and sells the water as an ingredient to be used in other food and beverage products. Asarasi is providing consumers with a pure, ethical, sustainable, and renewable alternative to bottled water while helping family farms double their profits on their existing maple crops ensuring farmers, consumers, and the environment all benefit.

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