Transforms New York state’s yogurt whey into delicious and sustainable alcoholic beverages

Ithaca, NY

Norwhey is a Nordic twist on beer, brewed from yogurt whey and blended with fruit. It is refreshingly tart and naturally full of vitamins and minerals. It is gluten-free, lactose-free, and less than 100 calories per bottle. New York state is the leading producer of strained yogurts, like Icelandic and Greek, and each cup creates two to four cups of excess whey. Though rich in nutrients and lactose, many companies waste the whey, creating an environmental challenge for the planet. Norwhey works with companies to responsibly capture and ferment every precious drop of whey into sustainability you can taste. The company encourages consumers to: “Enjoy a bottle. Sustain your body, your life, and your planet.”

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