Leep Foods Launches Mushroom-Blended Products in the Northeast

Leep Foods Blended Burgers and Sausages

Leep Foods Launches Mushroom-Blended Products in the Northeast

Organic mushroom farm’s new blended burgers and sausages are launching in summer 2021.

From an organic mushroom farm to an innovative food company, Leep Foods is launching its first product lines outside the produce department. Through Leep Foods’ new mushroom-blended burgers and sausages, they’re creating new products to help meat-reducers serve something remarkable for dinner.

Organic mushroom farm Leep Foods uses regenerative practices to grow specialty mushrooms on American hardwoods. Last year, they won $250,000 in the international food and agriculture Grow-NY competition based on the strength of their business and planned expansion into blended foods.

In the summer of 2021, the company’s mushroom-blended burgers and mushroom-blended chicken sausages will hit retailers. Both products are gluten-free and have high levels of Vitamin D.

“Mushrooms are incredibly useful to blend with meat to create a more flavorful product,” said Jeff Adair, CEO of Leep Foods, “Since we produce organic Blue Oyster, Lion’s Mane, and Shiitake mushrooms, exploring blended food products was a natural opportunity for us.”

Leep Foods has engaged Garden Spot Foods, a natural food distributor part of River Valley Holdings, to distribute mushroom and beef burgers to retailers in the Northeast this summer.

“The Garden Spot Foods New Products Team recently evaluated the Leep Foods Blended Burgers and found them tasty and delightful,” said Nate Davis, Purchasing Manager for Garden Spot Foods. “We’re excited to be introducing them to our customers beginning July 2021,” he added.

Leep Foods mushroom burgers have a 210% daily value of Vitamin D per serving and 18 grams of protein per serving. Their two-ingredient mushroom-beef burgers use their organic Blue Oyster and Lion’s Mane mushrooms in addition to Angus beef.

“To enter the blended category, partnering with local companies was essential for us,” said Adair, “Leep Foods is working with Palmer Food Services in Rochester to produce our blended burgers and Artisan Meats in Canandaigua to develop our mushroom and chicken blended sausages.”

Leep Foods is debuting its mushroom and chicken sausages in Italian Style, Apple Ginger, and Smoked Andouille flavors. The sausages have a 100% daily value of Vitamin D per serving, 40% fewer calories, and 80% less fat than USDA data.

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