RealEats America Receives First Prize Payment

Real Eats

RealEats America Receives First Prize Payment

RealEats America hits the ground running with first prize payment.

RealEats America won the grand prize of the inaugural Grow-NY food and agriculture business competition held in November 2019. One month later, the company is receiving its first prize payment to continue expanding its business in the Grow-NY region.

Grow-NY competition prize funds are distributed to winning companies in increments based on agreed upon milestones to ensure the funds are used to maximize economic impact in the region—through activities like job creation, partnership with other companies and agriculture producers, and investment in local infrastructure to operate the company.

The Cornell Center for Regional Economic Advancement, which administers the competition, and Empire State Development, which provides funding through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative connected with the three regions— CNY Rising, Finger Lakes Forward, and Southern Tier Soaring – moved swiftly to negotiate an agreement with RealEats America, ensuring that the company receives the financial support it needs at critical points of growth.   

Grand prize winners RealEats America
Grand prize winners: RealEats America
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