Regenerative Agriculture Webinar

Person digs a shovel into the dirt

Regenerative Agriculture Webinar

Over the winter, the Grow-NY team was invited to participate in a project addressing regenerative agriculture adoption in our region by our colleagues at the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. Regenerative agriculture (RA) is an approach that leaves farms in better shape after harvest than before, that increases overall farm resilience and productivity, and that addresses the climate crisis through on-farm operations; in our Call for Innovation report, New York’s farmers and agriculture researchers identified the urgent need for tools to help them mitigate and adapt to climate change, so the Atkinson project aligns with Grow-NY’s goals. We recently hosted a keynote to talk about innovations in RA featuring researchers, farmers, and funders working in the space. If you missed it, we are pleased to share it here.

In this webcast, a panel of farmers, agronomists, and ag tech experts will explore how regenerative agriculture – whose practices aim to create a more resilient, productive farm ecosystem – is a viable solution for transforming agriculture and the future of food. They’ll look at regenerative agriculture methods being applied on the ground in New York state, the novel technologies emerging to support them, and the markets and innovative financing models being built to facilitate a shift to generative farming.

Watch the webinar recording.


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